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Organizational Needs Assessment

Leveraging data, focus groups and executive feedback
By creating a "snapshot" of the organization, a Needs Assessment offers invaluable information to aid in the development of realistic and effective business solutions.

A Global Novations Needs Assessment:
  • Helps identify current strengths as well as opportunities for improvement as they relate to achieving strategic objectives
  • Provides in-depth data from specific groups structured by key organizational and/or demographic variables
  • Incorporates both quantitative and qualitative data-gathering techniques

Benefits to the organization:
  • Offers rich qualitative feedback and employee suggestions on key business issues
  • Identifies existing strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Provides the means to prioritize issues and develop solutions

Benefits to the individual:
  • Affords a sense contribution by giving the opportunity to provide feedback to the organization on issues relevant to personal engagement, capacity building, and contribution
  • Provides the opportunity to give feedback anonymously via focus groups or "affinity groups" that do not reference individuals
  • Gives the opportunity to experience the synergy of a focus group composed of individuals who share similar issues and concerns

Ready to set the stage for achieving your strategic planning objectives? Global Novations will help you get a complete picture of the situation at hand in a timely, cost-effective manner. We can also provide coaching and content support to help analyze, interpret, and act on the information yielded by our Needs Assessment tools.
Download a pdf with more information:
Download a pdf with more information:
Organizational Needs Assessment